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Hope to Healing



October 17 - October 31 

The Stanton Fall Gala is a powerful and celebratory gathering that highlights the work of God in our ministry. You will meet brave Stanton Moms who found hope and have been touched and transformed at Stanton Healthcare.

Together, we are moving from 
Hope to Healing for women facing unexpected pregnancies.


Through your prayers and generosity, Stanton has grown extensively in the past 18
years - and we have added the life-saving option of Abortion Pill Reversal to our

Your generous financial support ensures we are open and ready when that next critical phone call comes in. It ensures we can cover the increased costs of the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol which involves providing the necessary medication, additional
oversight from our medical personnel, weekly ultrasounds, and ongoing follow-up care. 

Yet, there is no cost too great to save the life of a baby from abortion violence.

Each year, a group of generous donors participate in a Matching Challenge so that
whatever amount is donated within the two-week Gala Challenge will be
instantly DOUBLED!

Ask God what He wants you to do to help. We are believing through our Gala and this
Matching Challenge; we will raise the resources we need to serve more women than
ever... because lives are at stake.

Stanton Baby Justice, 8 Years

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Partner with us by hosting your own Private Party for the 2023 Stanton Fall Gala!

For the last 17 years, thousands of miracle babies have been saved because Stanton exists, and the Gala helps make that possible. We are so grateful for the opportunity to reach people with the mission of Stanton on an even deeper, more personal level, and we can do that because of our Hosts.

You can host your Private Gala Party anytime during our two-week Gala. If you're local to the Treasure Valley, you’ll receive a Private Gala Kit, our gift to you and your guests, which will include refreshments, Stanton swag, and important materials about our life-saving ministry.

When you register, we'll provide everything you need to make your private gala a success!



With abortion virtually banned in Idaho, it's our MOMENT TO SHINE
as we unite to help women facing unexpected pregnancies.

The need is greater than it's ever been with more and more women
walking through Stanton's doors every day. 

Each year, our generous sponsors put forth a Matching Challenge so that every dollar donated to Stanton Healthcare during the two-week Gala will automatically be DOUBLED by matching contributions from our sponsors.

Our 2024 Matching Challenge goal is $180,000, which will be presented to new and existing supporters during the two-week challenge, with a goal of raising $360,000
to fund our life-saving ministry.

If you are interested in pledging $5,000, $25,000, $75,000 or the entire $180,000 to the Stanton Gala Matching Challenge, please fill out the form below or contact

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